The Survey

We need your input... Watch the video... read below... take the survey!

Hey there,


If you or someone you know owns a boat, you’ve probably heard the saying “Every boat is a compromise”. But we prefer to think of it more like: Every boat is a balance. A balance between hundreds of design choices. When boats are designed, they are tuned to the circumstances of its production. However, the problem with many modern production designs is they attempt to be designed for “everyone”. Which really means they’re designed for no one. We think it’s about time to change that!


WHAT IF…. we combined all the knowledge and ideas we’ve developed over the years and actually applied it to a new boat. What if WE designed YOUR dream Yacht and included you in the process, from concept to cruising.


We formulated a survey to help us learn what it is you actually want! Even if you’re not in the market for a new sailboat, have never sailed before, or don’t plan on ever owning a sailboat, we’d still LOVE to hear your thoughts.


So click the button below and do your best to really think through your answers. Take your time with this, and when you’re done, share the survey with your friends, and loved ones, share it with everyone! In a few weeks, we’ll be going over the results LIVE here on Youtube, so keep an eye out for that on our youtube channel, website, and other social media pages.



Dan + Kika