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The vault is where we keep our most hidden treasures.

Below you’ll find detailed descriptions of what you’ll find LOCKED inside.

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Captain’s Log **

At the end of each day, we dump our SD cards and sort footage from that day’s adventures. Not all of it makes it into our weekly episodes. Many of our little side trips, funny stories and digressions never make the final cut or onto Instagram. The Captain’s Log is where we share these extra activities.

  • Short extra blogs
  • Photo albums

Live Tracking **

Want to know where we are RIGHT NOW? The live tracking map is Back! Every few hours a little elf who lives inside a special black box pulls out a tiny sextant and calculates our exact coordinates. He then relays that information through a super secret telepathic network of magic to his second cousin on his mothers side who logs into this very site and moves the pin on our Tracking Map the appropriate distance and direction from our last known position. All this so that you can see where our boat is in real time and where we’ve been previously.

  • Current location
  • Past track

Behind the Steps – Podcast *

A lot goes into making each Step on Youtube. Here we dive into all the stories that don’t make it into the final cut along with a few other digressions in-between.

  • Weekly rants
  • Deep discussions
  • Awesome audio

Project Details *

As you may have seen on our youtube videos, we’ve completed many upgrades to our boat. The part that rarely makes it into each Step is all the planning and designing that goes into each upgrade. We have a guideline onboard that goes something like this: in any given project, about 70% of our time goes into pre planning, sketches, research, design. Then about 20% is sourcing materials, making mistakes, re-doing aspects, changing initial plans. Only the last 10% of the time spent on the project is actually building the final thing. Of that final 10%, <3% gets filmed and only a small fraction of that makes it into the final Step. So here, in Project Details, we try to fill in some of the blanks.

  • Concept sketches
  • 3d models
  • Renderings
  • Materials lists
  • Diagrams
  • Project photos

Bonus Videos *

Not every video we make is live on Youtube. We have uploaded many videos and only about half are what we call “Numbered Steps”— our weekly updates. We’ve collected all the other short clips, interviews, live chats and behind the scenes content and listed them here, in one place. We try to upload behind the scenes clips for every Step.

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Past Treasures
  • Interviews
  • Live Chats

Extra Audio *

We’ve had the pleasure of taking part in several podcast, interviews and even a song inspired by our ethos. Each one unique and covers aspects often not shared in our weekly uploads. They’re all gathered here for you to enjoy.

  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Songs

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