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We started with…

Our first few season were shot entirely with this set up. They were simple and effective. But most importantly, they were the cameras we already had.

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Nikon D5100

Samsung Galexy s5

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver


Then we upgraded to…

After a year of exposure to the salty air, our Nikon became less and less functional. Half way through the Caribbean, we decided to upgrade. The only camera we could find in Guadeloupe (that we could afford) was the SONY HANDYCAM below. It’s definitely not the BEST camera out there, but it was available, and had a few features we were really looking for. Mainly, good autofocus, in-camera stabilisation and a microphone that didn’t need an external cable to connect it.

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Sony HDR-CX675


JOBY GorillaPod


Our next upgrades will be…

We’ve been quite happy with the above set up. But, like all cameras we’ve had, the salt air and occasional splash has already taken it’s tole. Our GoPro has also taken a lot of abuse of the years. We’re actually quite impressed it lasted this long. So, when the time comes, the following cameras will most likely be the ones we upgrade to.

Main Camera

Sony A6500

The compact size and versatility of this camera, makes it a perfect match for our shooting style. It has AMAZING autofocus and low light ability, while still staying small, light and functional.

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Backup / Selfie / Underwater Camera

Sony RX100V

This little powerhouse works great as a backup camera, or something to toss in our pocket when going out, just incase you need to film something. But, the best part is, you can get a VERY affordable underwater housing for it, so it can double as a great up grade to a GoPro for underwater shots.

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The Drone

DJI Mavic Pro

We love arial shots to give a real sense of place and show our location from above for a better understanding of where we are and what else is around. So far, in exchange for a few cold beers, we usually managed to convince neighbours, friends or sometimes even total strangers, to let us use their shot in our videos. But, it will be nice to have our own drone, to really get the shots we want, on our own schedule.

This drone also has some sweet features which allow it to act more like an autonomous third camera man, so we can both be in the same shot and not have to worry about fly at the same time.

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Action Cam

GoPro HERO 5

Our trusty HERO 3+ has served us well. But, it’s starting to really show signs of age and life at sea. It’s missing covers, has broken bits and mildew growing in the lens. It’s had a hard life, but we’ve been quite impressed with how well it’s held up overall. When it finally dies, we’ll be replacing it with whichever new GoPro is around.

These newer models have advanced so much since the our HERO 3+ came out. They have much higher image quality, they’re waterproof without a case, and even have built in stabilisation!

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  1. Ryan

    Look into the sony fdr x3000 as a gopro replacement. Amazing low light for an action camera and the best in camera stability available.

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